Management and Communications

An effective communication system that allows the team to interact asynchronously.


Among its features are:

  • Efficient communication via notes pinned to digital images.
  • Email generation with comments related to specific points in the image to all or select members of the team.
  • Both public and general messages are possible.
  • Easy access to authorized recipient list.
  • Communication with external recipients is also featured.
  • All communication is logged and archived.

Module for Creation and Follow-up of Committees:

Our service includes a new module that allows you to plan, document, manage, and follow up on all the goals established in your committee meetings.

Among this module's characteristics and benefits are:

  • Management of construction, legal and financial committees, among many others.
  • Ease in the scheduling of meetings with control over invitations, confirmation, attendance, and historical records.
  • Schedule outlining prior to the meeting in order to make it more efficient.
  • Development record of committee meetings, including annotations about each topic discussed, task assignments, as well as goals and other issues.
  • Automatic drafting of meeting minutes in pdf format, according to the documented information.
  • Permanent digital information.


Management Module by Milestones:


Detailed timetable management is important and useful for a construction team, at the operation level. However, when it comes to controlling multiple construction projects, this task becomes cumbersome at the management level.

This is why CLICKONPLANS includes this new Management Module by Milestones in its service package, which enables better control of your job sites' progress, based on representative events for the timely tracking and visualization of your project's execution.

This module allows you to:

  • Define the main milestones and tasks for your projects, including deadlines and responsible agents.
  • Visualize all your ongoing projects in a unified control panel, no matter how many they are, allowing you to swiftly follow their development.
  • Updating of completed milestones is accomplished when the operational team completes pending tasks, avoiding the need for additional staff, goals or tasks.
  • You are able to assign tasks which generate their own log, enabling the appropriate documentation and control, as well as the immediate socialization of their execution.
  • Once the assigned tasks are completed, documents that prove their execution can be uploaded to the system.
  • CLICKONPLANS developed an application for Android mobile devices which can be used to quickly and easily update milestones and tasks in your job sites.



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    In August, our customers will be able to add tags to the images and make comments  on them.

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